Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teresa Wagner's blog about Whales

One of the most transformative and pivotal things the whales told me many years ago is that “higher consciousness is not related to species, breed, intelligence or ego. It’s the result of a soul’s choice to accept and embrace opportunities to grow, regardless of the form (or formlessness) a soul may be experiencing at any time.”

Before hearing this from the whales, I had placed them and their wise messages on a towering pedestal, assigning them a greatness I thought achievable only by whales and perhaps saints and bodhisattvas. They called me on the carpet for this view!

I was told that “wisdom is not meant to be shrouded in mystery, intellectualized, or admired from afar as if unattainable, but to be utilized and lived.” Furthermore, they admonished me (affectionately!), “not to idolize or worship others’ greatness but to access it as guidance as I find my own greatness and live it.”

Another significant message came when a client asked “What is the future of the whales?” The response was:

The whales will be fine.
The tides have turned.
The energy of light consciousness on earth has passed the 50% mark.

50% doesn’t represent numbers of people or animals who have changed, but the amount of light that has been generated.

Great compassion has been increased within the consciousness of many who are witness to violence and wrong doings on earth. It may not appear so. But there is light greater than we can see.

The energy of love and light emanated from beings on earth now is greater than the energy of confusion and fear. The light in the heart of one being with pure intention to share love with others can serve and help millions in one moment.

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